Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Use the iPhone to Your Advantage

A lot of you are faithful users of the Apple iPhone. We know that certain iPhone apps are helpful to photographers, and we found a few, with the help of local pro photogs. Check these out, and try to find others that might be helpful! Let us know if you find any great ones.

Sunrise & Sunset: This applications helps to calculate the sunset and the sunrise times and the total sun hours for each location in the world on each day of the year. Enjoy planning your next holiday, trip or photo session where ever and when ever you want to go. Just click on the location, choose date and timezone and optionally add 1 hour daylight saving.
Practical Application: This app will allow you to project sunrise and sunset for shoots you have scheduled a month down the road. This allows you to capitalize on available, natural light.

The Lens Angle Calculator is used to calculate the lens angle or focal length for a given sensor size. As the App store states, "this is useful for planning out camera placements in advance."

Chen's Photography and Software produces the Visual DOF Calc iPhone app. This is a depth of field calculator.
Practical Application: If you want to blur out the background to accentuate your subject, you'll need to determine the depth of field necessary. This algorithm will help you do that.

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