Friday, August 21, 2009

More Resources at Your Service... was started in 2002 by a young photog who used the domain as his portfolio. He now works in publishing and has even been an editor for a major magazine. He gives great ideas, like this one for how to submit images to publications and how to follow up on those submissions. was started by photography Udi Tirosh who says, "I started this site, as an amateur photographer, who needs studio equipment, but can't always afford to buy the expensive, branded top quality studio stuff that you can find on photo equipment stores.
So… I began looking for alternative. My first creation was a flash bouncer from Brian Zimmerman (which kindly agreed to contribute the design to And what do you know, it did the work, in almost no cost at all, and had the added plus of making something yourself.
I then tried to create something of my own and designed and build the cheap flash softbox. Again, it was cheap, easy to build and effective. I tried building other stuff and time and again found out, that the build was part of the fun and that the results are very good.
So to answer the question, why is this site here? This is my way of sharing the knowledge I have, and trying to help other photographers to make cheap affordable photography equipment."

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