Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make the Most of Your Small Speedlights...

Strobist is a community of photographers who started a dialogue, because they were looking for cheaper, quicker, easier, and more portable ways to do lighting on location.

Many of these photogs wanted to find ways to make their tiny, off-camera flashes work like big, studio strobes. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and lugging around cases, these guys are finding clever ways to spend far less and to provide comparable lighting that fits in a very portable bag.

Some people treat the Strobist mentality with the same reverence as people look at recycling and "going green." In other words, Strobist is an efficient way to do-more-with-less.

Check out the Strobist "Lighting Boot Camp."

We are following the Strobist Blog, and you can too!

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