Monday, October 26, 2009

I can't believe this photographer was "undiscovered." Can you?

You may have read about the John Maloof's discovery of more than 30,000 negatives by Chicago street photographer Vivan Maier. John is what I'll call a curator/historian/photographer, and he has put an impressive amount of effort into publicizing the beautiful work of Maier.

Maloof was so inspired by Vivian Maier, that he became a photographer himself. He also co-authored Portage Park, a collection of photographs documenting the Portage Park neighborhood in Chicago. Check it out HERE on

The images below are all credited to Vivian Maier. John Maloof has them posted on his tribute blog HERE. Can you imagine shopping at an estate sale, buying a box of negatives, and discovering these images by a photographer that you had never heard of:

You can see Maier's influence on John Maloof as you look at his personal collection of Chicago Street Photography HERE.

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